Dental Chair in Yukon, OK for family and child dentist.

The Technologies We Use

Our modern office utilizes the latest in dental technologies, which include:
– Low Radiation Digital X-rays
– Top-of-the Line Sterilization
– Advanced Dental Software
– Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings
– Isodry Isolation Mouthpieces
–Above Head TVs
–Wall Mounted Ipads

Digital X-rays

At our office we use the latest, all digital radiography to achieve the highest quality diagnostic imaging and to reduce radiation exposure. All digital radiography can reduce the amount of radiation exposure up to 80% compared to traditional film.

Top-of-the-Line Sterilization

Our top of the line sterilization equipment ensures the proper cleansing of all instruments used in our office. Pictures of our sterilization center can be found under the Office Tour tab on the home page.

Advanced Dental Software

Our advanced dental software gives us excellent diagnostic capabilities when viewing radiography. The software in combination with our all digital x-rays provides high resolution imaging that allows for increased accuracy and earlier diagnoses of decay.

Above Head TVs

At our office we utilize many distraction techniques to help calm fears. One way that we find works very well is to have TVs playing above the patient that they can watch while having treatment completed. Each one of our chairs has a TV mounted above it so every patient can view what is playing easily.

Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

At our office we use only tooth colored mercury free fillings. Although there have been no scientific studies showing a causal relationship between amalgam fillings (the silver metal fillings containing mercury) and any health ailments, we believe that a mercury free mouth is always best. Other advantages of composite fillings include improved esthetics and chemical adhesion that allows the dentist to be more conservative when removing decayed tooth structure.

Isodry Isolation Mouthpieces

The patented Isodry mouthpieces we now use in our office are one of the most exceptional advances in dentistry of the 21st century. The Isodry mouthpieces allow for increased comfort and safety for the patient as well as a superior working environment for the provider. The mouthpiece retracts the tongue and soft tissues, shielding them from injury by the dentist’s instruments and providing a clear, isolated visual field. Aside from retracting soft tissues it also acts as a bite block to prevent jaw fatigue as well as a full service suction to prevent saliva contamination. As the slogan in the dental world goes…better isolation equals better dentistry!

Wall Mounted iPads

To Keep kids busy while waiting for their treatment or for their exam we have installed 10 iPads throughout the office that they can play on. We have installed many instructional games to allow for a fun and educational experience.
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